this is our story

humble beginnings

The Herb Farm first made a catalogue available in 1982. Nurtured into a business by Joyce Belyea and Clint Wiezel, the little 10-acre farm in Norton soon met with recognition, respect, and a wide base of clients.

Unlike today, herb farming at the time was a very rarely-considered commercial possibility – but The Herb Farm quickly proved that a wide and sustainable market was simply lying in wait. Their well-rounded catalogue soon offered naturally grown herbs to customers all over North America – including a regular supply a major grocery chain.

Because of The Herb Farm’s success and expertise, Joyce and Clint were regularly featured on radio and television by CBC, as well as Canadian agricultural publications.

a fresh crop

By the late 1990’s, after Clint Wiezel had passed away, Joyce Belyea gradually stepped back from the once-booming Herb Farm. She eventually shut down commercial business in 1998 and divided the land between her four children.

In 2000, Joyce’s son David, and his wife Angela, officially bought the remaining three shares of the 10-acre property. Joyce transferred the company to Angela not long after, and The Herb Farm was soon restarted.

healthy growth

Under Angela Belyea’s initiative, The Herb Farm was first registered Organic in 2004. Originally, Joyce and Clint had maintained a chemical-free business for low environmental impact, but had not sought certification. With a current track-record of Organic Certification, The Herb Farm is now able to deliver absolutely pure, natural goods – whether it is herbs, fruits, vegetables or home grown fiber-arts.

Only the finest soils and fertilizers are spread, planted, tended and harvested by hand for an outstanding healthy, natural product.